Young Girl Bullied Online For Simply Posting A Video #casualsunited #nwi #ashton


Everyone now has seen or heard of the video circulating Facebook of the muslim males who randomly attacked some boys and girls who were just stood at a bus stop.

Have a read of this Blog: Ashton under Lyne Update

This is just one person who posted it on her Facebook wall.
How many others have posted it on theirs?
But she becomes victim of a cyberbullying attack because she posted it:
saam bully 1b“Go kill yourself quietly”???
What kind of scum are you to say that to a young girl?

Nadeem Hussain’s Facebook account:

saam bully 5bHer friend says she should be careful what she says and does.
What is wrong with posting a video, without fear of threats to herself?

saam bully 2bHere is another nice young lady. Looks a similar age to the girl she is telling to “just kill herself”. How would you feel, Safia? If I told you to…

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Point made and #NWI and #Casuals have now left Ashton Under Lyne. See you Saturday #edl

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Yep we’ve found the school snitch #edl #woolwich #ashtonunderlyne

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Ashton under Lyne update #edl #manchester #riversofblood

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They think their untouchable.

My first blogg for a while. …..right where do I start……ok  attacks on white people .. ….seems our asian friends are getting so brave and think their untouchable their attacking white people in broad daylight. … also while I’m at it sex attacks on a minor in my own town…..the part where it states the attacker was wearing sandals gives it away……..make your own mind up which religion is responsible. …I have and its not rocket salad…nfse.

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Oh dear another pillock

Love it



Here we have a little attention seeker.

Sorry to piss on your bonfire, but the Bandwagon has already left 🙂

Don’t you get much attention at home? Awww diddums.

Grow up. You little pricks are the reason we should bring conscription back.

You can’t even hold your own cock properly, let alone a gun.


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Now can you sling your hook! Hate preacher Abu Hamza loses last-ditch attempt to stay in Britain as court rules he must be ‘extradited immediately’ to face trial in U.S

  • Hamza, 54, faces charges relating to kidnapped hostages in Yemen in 1998, advocating violent jihad in Afghanistan and a jihad training camp in Oregon
  • High Court judges rejected plea for Hamza to undergo a brain scan his lawyers said could show he is medically unfit to face trial
  • Legal challenges by terror suspects Babar Ahmad, Syed Ahsan, Khaled Al-Fawwaz and Adel Abdul Bary also rejected
  • Plane hired by U.S. justice system is currently waiting on the runway at RAF Mildenhall in Suffolk and expected to fly the men out of Britain later today

Taken From The Daily Mail. PUBLISHED: 15:30, 5 October 2012 | UPDATED: 17:02, 5 October 2012

Radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza has finally lost his eight-year battle…

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: Muslims in England Admit… “We Had Infiltrators at EDL Demo Creating Violence”

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Walsall 29/9/2012
“Rivers Of Blood”
It all started off as any other demo held by the EDL. We were greeted by a large contingent of police who seemed, at the time, quite welcoming and they ushered us along to the demo point where we were due to have a static. During the speeches a small group of muslims had gathered in Leicester street and began to taunt and hurl abuse at EDL members. I for one saw two seperate incidents were the muzzy scum put a finger to his throat and drew it across his neck indicating that we would get our throats slit, this happens to be a favourite pastime for these scum. The second incident had another muslim making a threat of violence by making out that he was holding a pistol and pulling the trigger. Both instances were very blatant and totally ignored by the Gestapo (west…

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